Why Board Portals Don't Elevate Engagement

When a team of smart, savvy board directors put their heads and hearts together, there is nothing more powerful. Magic can happen and they can drive a company forward beyond expectations. 

But all too often, boards don’t communicate between meetings — or if they do, it’s sporadic and unanchored. They get stuck in first gear — always getting started, but not getting anywhere fast. 

To elevate board performance, boards must elevate engagement.

And no board can do that with a board portal.

  • Board portals do one thing. Simply creating a digital version of the board book won’t get a board interacting — it will just give them one more account password to lose!

  • Board portals go silent. We’ve all been on boards where it seems like everything ramps up a week before the meeting and stays hot for the week after. But in between the meetings, very little is happening.

  • Board portals don’t evolve & grow. Your board grows, changes and builds on what has come before. Board portals are essentially static digital documents that mimic, but do not build on, what paper and basic word document programs already do.

The simple truth is that board portals will never elevate engagement because they are not designed to. 


Boards don’t just need a portal, they need an intelligence & management platform. 

Cloud Concinnity® is just that — an integrated intelligence & management platform for boards who understand what it is going to take to up their game. We know board directors are under intense pressure from all sides. We designed this tool so they have a way to be consistently connected and elegantly efficient. 

And keep in mind: elevated engagement does not mean spend more time working. In our experience, episodic engagement that starts and stops around meetings ends up taking more time because everyone is playing asynchronous and unfocused catch up. Consistent, ongoing and informed engagement eliminates redundant relearning of the critical information, context and targets needed you need to be proactive and responsive.  Engagement is elevated in part because everyone develops that mental muscle memory and keeps it strong between meetings.

This is what a platform looks like when it is built for elevated engagement and higher performance:


Our platform is built around the idea of access to information — and each other — whenever and wherever it is needed. Where board portals simply hold documents, we make room for board directors to elevate their engagement through research and conversations by providing access to a smart library and a secure hub for messaging and conference calls.


In between meetings, directors benefit from our elegant network of automated workflows and alerts that keep everyone notified of next steps, elevating engagement and prompting board members well in advance to start important conversations and submit key documents. Everyone on the platform benefits from an evolving, growing best practices guidance feature where the tool itself helps coach board directors through tough transitions like on-boarding, crisis communication, and financial planning. Where board portals leave the process to you, we create a platform for growth.


Measurement is at the heart of elevated engagement, because in order to know what is working and what isn’t, we need to have baselines and consistent feedback. Board portals are silent on things like measurement, tracking and outcomes, we build them into the DNA of how our platform works. Rather than relying on outside experts, we make it possible for team members to self-evaluate and track progress on collective and company goals. What’s more, we provide a dashboard and balanced scorecard for next level transparency. 

We know that to elevate engagement you need a management & intelligence platform, not a portal — so we put the collective 100 years of experience on our leadership team together and built you the most powerful one available. 

Interested in how Cloud Concinnity can make a difference for your board? Get in touch.

The Concinnity Company™ provides boards and c-suites with elegant technology and best practices. Cloud Concinnity® is the world’s first integrated board intelligence and management platform. 

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