Why Your Board Portal Can't Solve Its Empty Box Problem

Digital transformation promises a better way of doing business. When leveraged to its full potential, technology can indeed make us more efficient, more productive, and give us more time to think about things like strategy and performance. This kind of transformation is long overdue in the modern boardroom. 

Unfortunately, the current crop of board portals falls short at every turn, proving to be little more than empty boxes. Board portals are simply not designed to integrate all the information, communication and activities that a board is responsible for. Long on promises but short on usability, they will forever suffer from the empty box problem of under-leveraging technology.

  • Where board portals could leverage technology to support collaborative work, instead they leave collaboration opportunities empty and simply replicate the board book’s clunky collection of bulky information without much support for follow up questions, research, or deep analysis.

  • Where board portals could support board directors in working smarter, they are conspicuously empty, acting more like over-priced document storage tools with digital versions of the same long to-do lists that already turn board work into a grind.  

  • Where board portals could make outcome measurement easier, they are again empty, leaving board leaders to cobble together band-aids that will never be up to the task. 

There is a better way. 


Our leadership team has spent decades being part of leadership teams, sitting on boards, and advising business leaders on how to excel. We have won awards, published books, and built companies that are still thriving because of strategies we set in motion. We understand the problems that have hamstrung boards and leadership teams in the past, and we understand how to solve them. It will take a lot more than the empty box of today’s board portals.

When we built Cloud Concinnity®, we built it with the people who will use it in mind. It is better software designed for how board directors actually want to work, and for how they can work well together. Each member of our founding team has experience sitting on boards and being part of real businesses that have successfully grown. We built it to solve problems we have experienced and know how to solve.

This is what a full box looks like, with all of the information, board intelligence, best practices, task sequences and tracking systems ready to go from day one.


We pre-populate the platform with important information that every new member of the team needs to know to get up to speed quickly. If on-boarding has always been a bit of a challenge inside the boardroom and c-suite, prepare to be blown away. 


We built industry best practices, beginning with our own Concinnity Framework, right into the DNA of the software. As directors and management use the software, they’ll be guided through processes to get the most out of Cloud Concinnity®, and get educated on the best, most efficient way to meet compliance guidelines and tackle regulatory challenges. To top it off, the tool itself can coach you through communication, HR, and financial planning challenges that are all too often thorns in the side of a board.


Every team needs to measure its progress, as well as that of the company. But too often that measurement feels clunky to collect and tough to implement. For boards, that measurement likely comes from an outside expert who just hops in & out without proper context, adding another layer of challenge. Our customizable company dashboards and board scorecards enable your team to evaluate itself in real time, meaning everyone is always on track and moving in the same direction.

Interested in how Cloud Concinnity® can make a difference for your board? Get in touch.

The Concinnity Company™ provides boards and c-suites with elegant technology and best practices. Cloud Concinnity® is the world’s first integrated board intelligence and management platform. 

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