Welcome Michael D'Amico, The Concinnity Company's new Director of Business Development


We are thrilled to welcome Michael D’Amico as The Concinnity Company’s new Director of Business Development. Michael joins Concinnity from Donnelley Financial where he served as a Director in the Global Capital Markets vertical for over 10 years, leading strategic business development primarily in the Southeast.

Prior to DFIN, Michael served in operations, sales and management capacities at Bowne & Co. He brings a record of success and expertise in expanding revenue, building crucial relationships, and structuring innovative solutions for companies operating at the highest levels of global business.

Nancy Falls, Concinnity Company CEO, said:

“Hiring Michael brings tremendous capacity to our team and our ability to serve the unique needs of directors and officers in complex organizations with our
game changing software. We are extremely
happy to have him on board.”

David Rue, Concinnity Company CRO, added:

“I’m absolutely thrilled to welcome Michael to The Concinnity Company. He has a tremendous reputation for innovation and an intense focus on customer service. He has distinguished himself as a pioneer in technologies in service to his public company and mutual fund clients. Michael and I worked together for almost 20 years and it’s an honor for me to be working with him again.” — David Rue, Chief Revenue Officer

We sat down with Michael to hear about his new role

What are you looking forward to about joining The Concinnity team?

What The Concinnity Company is doing to reshape this industry is exciting, and that is incredibly motivating. The intensity and intelligence behind what Cloud Concinnity® represents is contagious, and you can see how the passion for the work lights up everyone’s faces in the office. I am looking forward to being able to work in a place where everyone on the team does what it takes to get the job done and has fun doing it. It was easy to say yes when I got the opportunity to join the team.

What do you love about working with leaders in the C-Suite?

I love working with smart, innovative people. My entire career has been working with the C-suite in all kinds of industries, and I love seeing people take a need, fulfill it, and figure out a way to deploy that solution throughout the company.

One of the things that attracted me most to Cloud Concinnity® is its power to simplify and drive processes across the entire organization, which is difficult to come by without intelligent software. It’s exciting to be part of helping leaders save time and money and avoid risk by deploying smart technology to accomplish ambitious goals. Being able to simplify and automate critical processes quarter after quarter is a beautiful thing.

What draws you to the technology behind Cloud Concinnity®?

The Cloud Concinnity Company is bringing valuable enhancements to how management board rooms and advisors approach company performance, corporate governance and shareholder value. We have an elegant technology that is easy to use and fully scalable to service the challenges that senior leadership teams and the board room face regularly.

Joining the Concinnity team was a no brainer. I am so grateful to be working with old friends as well as an extremely talented team of professionals. I look forward to spreading the word, growing our business and ultimately helping our customers.

How are you enjoying your return to Nashville? 

I split my time now between Atlanta and Nashville, and I have a deep love for both cities. I remember living in Nashville when the city first started growing into what it is now, and it is amazing to come back as part of The Concinnity Company team. I moved to Atlanta a while back with my family, which is a fantastic city as well, so I am lucky enough to be part of two great areas. I love being part of the energy and diversity of the city, and I love being able to be part of Atlanta and Nashville as they both continue to grow.

Read the official press release about Michael D’Amico's appointment to The Concinnity Company.

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