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The Concinnity Company provides the leadership and governance expertise, bandwidth and toolsets that companies need to drive performance in today’s increasingly complex, risky and changing business environment. We offer a unique approach to creating sustainably high levels of organizational performance.

Today’s businesses face a challenging economy, complex regulations, and disruptive technology — a pace of change that can leave many in the dust.  Our focus is on the creation of an integrated framework of corporate governance, leadership, proprietary processes and tool sets which supports and sustains high levels of organizational performance.  We call this framework “Concinnity” – which means the elegant integration of pieces.  We start with the often challenging relationships of Boards and C-Suites; but our work encompasses the development of clear and aligned relationships with the entire spectrum of stakeholders.


When we look out across our customer base and into the future we see organizations and individuals that reach their highest potential by honoring and harnessing the talents and perspectives across a diverse spectrum of associates and stakeholders.


Our customers achieve enhanced performance, experience increased engagement, and realize improved satisfaction. By focusing on arresting the most common leadership and governance mistakes and harnessing the power of technology, the growth and positive change we deliver is repeatable and sustainable.


Nancy Falls


Nancy Falls is a veteran of the C-Suite and the boardroom with a passion for corporate performance.  As an Advisor and Executive Mentor to leaders seeking sustained excellence, Nancy leverages her own operating and advisory success for the benefit of company boards and leadership teams driving growth and change.  Her years as a business executive have given her a 360-degree view of the problems that boards and leadership teams face. From helping company boards and CEOs with creative solutions around the human capital problems that occur during transitions, to running businesses and teams, Nancy has had C-Suite roles, board level responsibilities, P&L accountability and complex financial management navigation, built on a number of years in money center banking.  She has served as the Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer or Senior Vice President of both public and private companies, as a corporate officer of NYSE listed companies, and has led global operations. She has broad and deep industry knowledge, corporate functional start up, turnaround and mentoring experience.  In addition, she has expertise as a board Audit, Finance, Risk Management, Compensation and Governance Committee member. She is an Audit Committee Financial Expert and has a considerable active national network valuable in making connections and accessing resources for clients.  Nancy graduated from Wellesley College magna cum laude (Wellesley Scholar) with a degree in Economics and Sociology and has an MBA from Adelphi University.
Heidi Allen

Heidi Solomon Allen

Chief Development, Innovation & Legal Officer

Heidi Allen is a proven leader of change who has counseled the C-suite and boards through successful corporate transitions in US and international organizations. A former General Counsel, Corporate Secretary for a publicly traded company and a trial lawyer for the US government, she models a combination of soft and hard skills needed for corporate executive success. She has mentored executives throughout her career, and has been an intuitive partner and coach for first time CEOs and senior leadership. At several companies, most recently with a Blackstone portfolio company, she has had responsibility, been a key driver of change and growth, facilitated initial public offerings and has led novel improvements in process that have added value and made corporate reorganizations more facile. She has designed and implemented corporate governance structures and processes in start-ups, privately held and NYSE listed companies, with a deep understanding of how to operationalize what the law requires, adapted to specific company needs. She has deep Enterprise Risk Management expertise, and has guided several companies, domestic and international, successfully through government investigations. Heidi received her BA from the University of Pennsylvania cum laude and earned her Juris Doctor from Rutgers University. She was appointed an Assistant US Attorney, the first woman to serve in that role in her assigned office, and received the Department of Justice’s Special Achievement Award.

Michael Lalor


Michael Lalor is a seasoned CFO whose career began with experience as a money center banker in New York and Atlanta. He has broad CFO experience with responsibilities that have included accounting, treasury, HR, IT, Risk Management and leadership in acquisitions. His CFO roles range from a $500MM manufacturer with worldwide sales and both US and international manufacturing plants to a start-up company in the medical software industry, and have included several companies owned or financed by private equity firms. Typically, he has taken roles at companies during times of rapid change and is very comfortable stepping into new situations, focusing his staff and, working with other members of senior management, clarifying a strategy to build profit and the work needed to improve operations over time. Michael’s career includes serving as the Chief Operating Officer as well as Chief Financial Officer, which has made him a very operationally focused finance leader. He has served public and private companies in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, financial services, construction, energy and municipal and public utility segments and software. Additional areas of expertise include raising capital, strategic alliances, restructuring, business strategy and IT alignment, emerging growth and executive mentoring. Michael has an MBA from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and BA cum laude from Birmingham Southern College.
Matthew Cook

Matthew Cook


Matthew Cook is an experienced executive, developer and project manager. He joined The Concinnity Company team after leading a SaaS startup for 7 years from Baltimore. From his past work, Matthew has learned how to lead teams and cultivate talent in order to make sure companies have the best infrastructure and development. Matthew enjoys new challenges, sports, travelling and dining out.

Kendal Beahm

Director of Outreach, Operations & Client Success

Kendal graduated from The University of Alabama with a degree in Communication and Information Sciences, while also minoring in Computer Technology and Applications. She specializes in enhancing the client experience through the use of research and social media communications. She loves to grow online presences, while also projecting the client’s personality and brand onto each social platform. In her spare time, she enjoys playing tennis, hiking with her dog and going to concerts.

Karen Steadman

Karen is the executive advisor who assesses and accelerates the performance of extremely analytical people. She has a specialty niche in optimizing the performance of bright leaders as an executive assessor, coach and facilitator with a unique combination of skills – a licensed psychologist with a background in industrial and systems engineering and an operational leader in the world’s largest human resources consulting firm. Karen’s specialty niche expertise is challenging analytical leaders to go beyond smart in order to accomplish more impact with their talents. She travels globally to advise clients who are changing the way business gets done. She is certified in Marshall Goldsmith Coaching methodology. Karen is a licensed psychologist and a summa cum laude graduate in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. She completed her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Georgia.

Debbie Ahl

Debbie Ahl is a strategic leader with a passion for creating impact and results through the internal development of organizational culture, internal and external engagement, and thoughtful communication. Seasoned by ten years’ CEO experience, Debbie drove top line growth through market innovation and distribution and bottom line results through development of core competencies, key performance metrics, quality initiatives, and expense management. She has always been focused on delivery of results through clearly articulated vision, mission, values, and strategy and the international development of a culture that fosters team engagement and consistent communication. Debbie also has thirty years’ experience on multiple boards of organization including for-profit and subsidiaries of publicly traded companies as well as not for profit and professional organizations. In working with leadership teams, Debbie is skilled at recognizing and eliminating silos and other barriers to progress, empowerment of executive leadership, and innovation and development of an ethical culture. In advising boards, Debbie brings her strategic insight and direction, her knowledge of the establishment of board governance policies & CEO evaluation processes, and, in healthcare, grant-making with increasing focus on strategic and collaborative impact projects; quality improvements; and educational pathways. Debbie has a BA in Communications from Western Washington University and an MBA in Healthcare Management from WGU.

The Shadow C-Suite™ & The CxO Network

The depth and breadth of products and services that The Concinnity Company is able to bring to our customers is powered through The CxO Network. The CxO Network is an elite group of successful senior operating executives around the globe. The CxO Network members have dealt successfully in their multiple operating roles with similar colleagues, outside stakeholders, industries, environmental factors, challenges, opportunities and risks as our client executives face. The depth, breadth and diversity of leaders in The CxO Network is a powerful resource in the development and executor of our products and services.

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