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Who we are

We are, quite simply, the leadership and governance expertise and bandwidth companies need to drive performance in today’s increasingly complex, risky and changing business environments. As passionate about how companies are led and governed as we are about performance, we help companies assemble a powerful framework for leading that derives strength from diverse players, agendas and approaches, turning today’s business risks into opportunity.


What we do

We enhance performance because we see what our clients don’t. We provide leverage for the talent and knowledge resident in our client companies by tapping in to our C-Suite and Boardroom veterans’ considerable intellectual capital, our time tested proprietary methodologies and our innovative, creative tools.

Together we build people, process and systems solutions that produce corporate governance, leadership and cultural competencies and platforms capable of driving repeatable, scalable and sustainable results. And in the process, boards & C-suites find their jobs get easier—and more fun.

Who we work with


Boards of Directors as a group


C-Suite Executives as a team


C-Suite executives and high potential managers as individuals

Problems We Solve

CEO - Board Conflict

Your CEO and Board frequently step on each other’s toes, creating confusion and redundancy in achieving results. Worse, the CEO & board work in totally different spheres missing opportunities for synergies and operational leverage.

Team Misalignment

Your leadership team struggles to stay on the same page in executing plan, often devolving into competitive behaviors.

Lack of Resources

You have a number of awesome players on your leadership team, but can’t afford the depth and breadth of experience that larger companies and some of your competition have, so you can’t execute as flawlessly as the market requires.

Feedback Void

Your executives have no place to go for comparable functional performance advice, a “safe” place to share performance challenges or a confidential personal business advisor to help lighten the lonely load that C-Suite executives must carry.

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