At The Concinnity Company we are all about our name, Concinnity, the skillful and harmonious fitting together of the different parts of something. In our world the “somethings” are companies and other organizations; the parts are the people, processes and systems that must work together in order to execute on strategies, business plans and to operate companies effectively and profitably.

We help companies get leadership, teaming and the management of change right. With our proprietary science and cognitive based diagnostics, we provide an objective evaluation of where things stand today so that the individuals and teams responsible for managing and governing their organizations can proceed with greater alignment.

Our products and services provide powerful mechanisms for addressing issues, increasing engagement and improving performance.

Our tools offer a unique approach to achieving sustainable, high levels of organizational performance resulting in profitability, innovation and stakeholder satisfaction. Our emphasis on this concept of corporate concinnity – which is about intention and deliberately doing the work of bringing together different people on a team into a cohesive, functional whole, makes us distinctively effective.

Our tools focused clarity around roles and responsibilities, resilience and creative adaptation, and interpersonal dynamics in times of both upheaval and growth. The transformational power of clear and aligned relationships across all stakeholders is profound, with an enduring impact upon profitability, innovation, growth and stakeholder satisfaction.

The Concinnity Framework ™

Organizations Call Us To Help Their Leadership Address:

Board C-Suite Effectiveness

  • Soaring board time commitments
  • Insufficient transparency and effective collaboration
  • Lack of best practices and automation

Operational Challenges

  • Declining performance
  • Runaway growth
  • Top or bottom line stagnation

Organizational Transitions

  • Acquisitions or business combinations that demand flawless execution
  • Leadership challenges or transitions
  • Ownership transitions

Environmental Challenges

  • Team Dysfunction
  • Overwhelmed leaders
  • Internal or external challenges to your culture

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