Our Philosophy

We believe that the most common leadership & governance challenges are just that -- common. And completely avoidable.

Prevention requires the willingness to discover differences and be intentional about resolving those differences. With intention & a framework, discord doesn’t have to get in the way of an effective boardroom. 

Concinnity creates strategic, elegant alignment between key boardroom & executive players. 

Great leadership is unsustainable unless the players plan for changes within and among the team. It's a process that requires trust, constructive debate, concurrence on vision, strategy, execution details and on a good plan for change. 

We have developed a framework to do just that. 

Here's how we do it.


10 Imperatives for High Performing Boards

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The 10 Imperatives that make up the Concinnity Framework grew out of working with hundreds of Board Directors & C-suite members over more than twenty years. The focus is on developing and maintaining constructive harmony within Boardroom & C-Suite teams, giving those teams the freedom to think strategically & long term and empowering them to focus on high performance.


The 10 Imperatives

Imperative 1: Draw a Line in the Sand. Clarify the role of each person on the board to avoid duplicating work and keep everyone focused on contributing their highest value to the overall strategic goal.

Imperative 2: Don't Go Overboard. Having the right people and the right agenda keeps things on the right track. There is no need to try to do so much that you end up doing nothing well.

Imperative 3: Assemble at the Same Starting Blocks. To move toward shared goals or ending point, it is absolutely critical to agree with specificity on your starting point.

Imperative 4: Mind the Stakeholder Gap. Become aware of and show consideration for the agendas of all stakeholders.

Imperative 5: Manage Your Information Appetite. Seek to collectively establish information requirements that control information overload and excesses.

Imperative 6: Be Prepared: Culture & Change Readiness. Each person needs to accept responsibility for their contribution to the team and their role in establishing organizational culture and readiness for change.

Imperative 7: Don't Leave Compensation to the Experts. Seek the advice of experts on compensation, but gut check this with what you know about your company-culture, goals, current comp programs, internal equity, stakeholder views, etc.

Imperative 8: Bench Your Inner Coach. Every senior executive needs an independent professional advisor to perform at their highest and keep growing. And if you are the boss, you're not also an independent advisor.

Imperative 9: Off Board Well. Anticipate turnover at every level, including a board of directors refresh, and be deliberate about making transitions positive.

Imperative 10: Cultivate Wisdom. Throughout the myriad of tasks and interactions that comprise boardroom work, make room to cultivate wisdom.

The Concinnity Book

In 2015, Nancy Falls, a founder of the Concinnity Company, published Corporate Concinnity in the Boardroom: 10 Imperatives to Drive High Performing Companies, which laid out how board directors can thrive in today's business environment.

The book features 10 High Performance Imperatives that transform the way board directors work with each other and the C-Suite. By focusing on ten elegant and durable strategies, the book zeros in on the opportunities waiting for board directors willing to take risks and evolve in a time of complexity and change.


The Experts Agree...

“A fresh framework for governing that will help us steward enterprises to their best performance outcomes while maintaining that delicate balance of courage and humility required to serve well.'' 

-- Cheryl Bachelder, CEO of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc. 


''If I had read this book thirty years ago I would have been more effective as chairman of my company.'' 

-- Joe Scarlett, retired chairman, Tractor Supply Company


“Hits [leadership and governance] tensions head-on by exploring such topics as respective expectations and communication styles.''

-- Lynn Shapiro Snyder, Esq. President of Women Business Leaders of the U.S. Health Care Industry Foundation


''provides common sense guidance for members of boards of directors that is worth its weight in gold.''

-- Hap Klopp, founder and former CEO of The North Face


‘’Shows us with striking simplicity how to drive results, improve lives, and have more fun in the process.''

-- Marshall Goldsmith, a Thinkers50 ''Top Ten Global Business Thinker,'' best-selling author, and top-ranked executive coach

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