Clarity at Your Fingertips

Take the pulse of all your portfolio boards in one platform, simplifying your management teams’ efforts to keep you always informed. Each company’s dashboard and board intelligence scorecard allows you to gain visibility into key metrics and identify early warning indicators. Empower your partners to know, directly and first hand, how each of their portfolio companies is performing.


Reduce Risk &
Eliminate Compliance Pitfalls

Run your private companies like public companies from day one with built-in best practices, risk management and compliance. Granular customization of automatic workflows allows you to easily standardize practices across your portfolio, and ensure that board and management team members don’t miss key steps.


Run Portfolio Companies According to
Your Standard Operating Principles

You invest where you know how to improve performance. Incorporate that management process into the DNA of how your portfolio companies operate, making it easy for your teams in the boardroom and the C-suite to raise their standards by leveraging their work with a board intelligence and management platform.

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The board book is dead.

How Boards and Management Are Escaping the Board Book Trap