A Boardroom Platform as Smart as You Are.
Right out of the box.


Project management for boards has long been broken and behind-the-times.

So we asked ourselves:

"How can we help board directors be better rested, more free to think, and actually have time to do what they're best at for the company?"


cloud concinnity is the answer.

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Exclusive Features

  • Virtual Boardroom. Stay connected no matter where you are with unlimited cloud document storage, secure video conferencing & text, and robust task scheduling. Everything in one place anytime you need it. Always secure so you don't have to worry.
  • Task Bundles. So many recurring deadlines, lists, and annual tasks to keep track of, so little time. Ahhhhhh! Not to worry. We've created dozens of "task bundles" for common action items (like annual reports or committee voting) so all you have to do is customize, click our "magic button," and you're all set --  months worth of automated emails, calendar invites, and group alerts are instantly launched and in place (and you get your Sunday night back).
  • Simple On-boarding. There is so much information that first-year board directors, new committee chairs, and company executives are expected to know right off the bat. But what if all the institutional knowledge you needed was built in (so you don't have to hunt it down)? We've crafted role-specific task lists, best practices, and suggestions to take all the guess-work out and keep the focus squarely on that next level.
  • Best Practices. Our proprietary Concinnity Framework™ is the foundation of our platform, meaning every click, question, and task is automatically aligned with the industry's best practices. And anytime SOX, SEC, and other pesky regulations or timeline change, we synthesize the updates in the tool so you don't have to. Whatever the task, we've got you covered.

boardroom tech that's smart, simple, and powerful.