“With so many new compliance laws, I’m not sure we even understand the risks out there.”


Automate Your Checklist

Legal counsel spends hundreds of hours manually producing and managing tasks for critical yet routine board activities. Automate your checklists with native workflows developed by subject matter experts, from preparing minutes to managing the workflow around getting board approval of a transaction. This gives you freedom to spend your time on what requires your legal expertise.


Built-in Compliance

Containing all of your board’s activities and communications within one secure application means you’re prepared to prove your board has exercised its legal duties in the face of potential litigation. Implement your data retention policy to control the types of board data that is retained and discoverable.


Reduce Risk, Reduce Variability, Increase Visibility

A board scorecard that documents time spent on risk management, automated repetitive processes, and integrated governance best practices helps your board avoid or manage areas of risk.

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The Evolving Role of the General Counsel

The General Counsel role has expanded to include being an advocate for an ethical and inclusive company culture.