“This business could be disrupted overnight—we have to engage leadership more frequently.”


Freedom to Think

Cloud Concinnity® takes care of the processes and administration that consume so much of board members’ time, giving you greater freedom to think about strategy, risk, and performance.


Ready When You Are

Tasks, tools, and documents are at your fingertips so you can engage your board work when you’re ready, not just episodically as management sends information your way.


A Single, Secure Hub

Centralized information and communication tools let you collaborate with committees or board members securely within the platform at any time, via direct message, phone or video calls.


Board Performance Evaluation

The Board Scorecard tracks board engagement and time spent on oversight of risk management, strategy, and company performance. This enables your board to evaluate and manage its own performance, bypassing the need for hiring external evaluation.

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The board book is dead.

How Boards and Management Are Escaping the Board Book Trap