2018 is Full of Possibility

This week we moved our final boxes into the new offices in downtown Nashville. 

There’s a buzz in the air and it feels like Spring will come early this year. 

2018 is full of possibility.

For us, this year is all about transforming the way boards and executives do their work, and we can’t wait to share what we’re building with you.

This spring we'll be publishing articles and resources to support board directors in doing great work, falling in love with their work again, and reclaiming the freedom to think. We'll be inviting a few guests we respect to contribute here too!

We wish you all the best on whatever projects your team is building, and if you need us, we’ll be in downtown Nashville, unpacking boxes, white boarding action steps, and sneaking in naps under our desks in between breakthroughs.

Yours in growth,

The Concinnity Company Team