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No matter how much work we do with teams to smooth communication and collaboration, we all have work we need to do on our own individual roles.


Bringing together decades of both C-suite experience and coaching, we can speak to specific challenges of each role, and address challenges unique to the C-suite in any size company. We provide the “elite athletes” of the corporate world with expertise and regular confidential, independent feedback that enhances decision making, relationships and drives top performance.

We support C-Suite executives and high potential managers individually by providing a unique one-on-one Individual Executive Advisory. We start with an assessment of the individual’s roles, responsibilities, organizational priorities, key relationships and personal developmental priorities. Individual testing and 360’s are provided as needed and desired. A close, objective, independent, confidential, real-time, interactive relationship is structured to meet the demands of the client executive.  The Individual Advisor provides a safe place to tackle complex, sensitive matters in the context of a trusted advisor who has been there, and done that.  The client executive gains a powerful regular feedback loop that improves decision-making, enhances relationships and drives the achievement of goals. From this assessment we develop a program for regular feedback and support.


Through our powerful CxO Network, we are able to match the individual needs of each executive with a peer level, experientially complementary, Individual Advisor.  The members of the CxO Network have dealt successfully in their multiple operating roles with similar colleagues, outside stakeholders, industries, environmental factors, challenges, opportunities and risks as our client executives face.  The aggregate depth and breadth of the members of The CxO Network is a powerful resource for our customers.


Our Experience
and Expertise:


  • Decades of diverse successful leadership roles
  • Years of experience as individual advisors, mentors & coaches to executives
  • An unparalleled global network of executives with immense industry & functional breadth to match our clients’ specific needs.



  • Enhanced executive and corporate performance
  • Leadership empowerment and motivation
  • Improved job satisfaction for leadership
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