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We have worked with hundreds of C-suite members over the past twenty years as functional C-level colleagues and as service providers.

From this work, we have developed a unique framework for developing and maintaining constructive harmony within C-suite teams, driving them to be their best. We call it the Concinnity Framework© and it provides a powerful defense against team dysfunction.

A Framework for Concinnity

Our unique approach is based on building alignment between key players. This requires trust, constructive debate, concurrence on vision, strategy, execution details and on a good plan for change. That change includes changes in the C-suite itself. Good leadership is unsustainable unless the players plan for changes within and among the team. We help teams prepare for that change in creative, constructive and supportive ways. We start with an assessment of the leaders in the C-suite, their roles, responsibilities and the processes and systems that drive their work as a team. We identify gaps and root causes inhibiting optimal performance and build solutions right-sized and customized for the deliverables of the company and the team.

The Shadow C-suite

The depth and breadth of business intelligence that The Concinnity Company is able to embed in our tools bring to our clients’ organizations is based on power of The Shadow C-suite™. The Shadow C-suite™ is an elite group of successful senior operating executives around the globe. The Shadow C-suite™  members have dealt successfully in their multiple operating roles with similar colleagues, outside stakeholders, industries, environmental factors, challenges, opportunities and risks as our customers face. The depth, breadth and diversity of leaders in The Shadow C-suite™ is a powerful resource for our customers and executives.

Our Experience
and Expertise:


  • Successful operators
  • National & international experience & expertise
  • Experienced with multiple internal & external stakeholders
  • Industry breadth
  • Functional depth



  • Enhanced executive and corporate performance
  • Leadership empowerment and motivation
  • Improved job satisfaction for leadership
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