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Now more than ever companies are understanding the need for a real, on-point governance platform that takes the realities of C-suite to Board of Directors communication into account.

The time required by boards to navigate complexity and increasing stakeholder demands is skyrocketing. The cost to companies to support their boards/C-suites are accelerating geometrically. Transparency & Effectiveness suffer as C-suites are run without the benefit of technology. There is a lack of best practices and automation to make teams at the highest levels of organizations efficient and effective. Cyber risk threatens the highest value assets of companies, due to board & C-suites manual, redundant and workaround processes & systems.


Our Products are built by veterans of the boardroom and C-suite to solve real problems they know intimately. And the best executives know that they can’t see what they can’t see, or know what they’ve not yet learned.

The Seven Pillars of Leadership Wisdom©

The Seven Pillars of Leadership Wisdom© is a unique tool that blends leadership behaviors with the dynamic of team roles, guides leaders in evaluating personal and corporate behaviors as well as strengths and weaknesses in the context of executive and team environments, uses four instruments:  Personal Traits, Leadership Competencies, Emotional Intelligence and Critical Thinking & provides validated feedback on leadership behaviors and team roles.

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