We are proud to have helped many different customers find the right solutions to their challenges. Our products & services support:


  • Forward thinking Boards and C-suites
  • Senior Execs & High Potential Mid Level Execs
  • Family business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • VC & Private Equity community
  • In-House (i.e. General Counsel) & Trusted Advisors to the above

“I highly value Nancy’s understanding of and approach to executive management. She is able to clearly identify opportunities and articulate them in a way that is receptive and helpful to management. She is then able to work along side the team, understand the dynamics involved and then guide the group to a successful outcome. I have genuinely appreciated all of her efforts and I acknowledge her as a leader in her field”

 Dave Lowrance, CFO at Edgemont Pharmaceuticals

“Debbie knows how to achieve the vision by building teams that execute for success. She understands the dynamics of relationships and the need for clear communication that propels companies forward. She knows how to ‘make things happen;” her results speak very loudly.”

Richard M. Ravin; Retired Chairman & CEO Combined Insurance Company of America

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