5 Reasons Why Your General Counsel Will Love Cloud Concinnity® 

3 minute read

As the role of the General Counsel evolves, the technology needs of GCs evolve as well. It is no longer enough to weigh in when the business team identifies the need for contractual, compliance or regulatory assistance; a GC must be informed, proactive and a driving force behind critical conversations.

We know that the earlier a GC gets involved in a project, the better the likelihood of avoiding legal repercussions. And we also know that in order to be counselors in the truest sense of the term, GCs need to offer innovative strategies that legally support the business goals. Indeed, savvy legal advice is critical business acumen.

Here is why your Legal Team will love Cloud Concinnity®.

  1. Discovery Prepared. Keeping up with regulatory requirements and corporate compliance, let alone preventing and managing litigation, is a complex, consuming and resource-demanding task. That’s why we’ve automated documentation of regulatory compliance in Cloud Concinnity®. Instead of having to gather records from disparate email or messaging accounts and calendars, every task accomplished, every meeting and message on topic is automatically logged in a searchable database. When you need to demonstrate compliance with regulatory or litigation duties of care, it’s where you can easily find and produce it. When you need to prove that your board has exercised its fiduciary duties in the face of potential litigation, the records are there.

  2. Simplified Oversight. We prioritize and simplify oversight. Your board and your company’s senior leaders need to discuss governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) & boardroom matters at a high level, with the reassurance that they have the information they need, when they need it. Our ability to automate workflows that both conduct and document the oversight of GRC activities enables the board to oversee management’s reporting systems that spot anomalies and red flags. There is no other tool out there designed specifically for these needs: secure, documented and simple. With Cloud Concinnity®, GCs and other senior users monitor mission-critical activities and communications on a single dashboard, fed by data sources of your choosing. No more silent risk creeping up when you least expect it.

  3. Automated Processes. Certain seasons of the year mean sleepless nights and stressful weekends for the entire executive team, but especially the legal team. So we designed Cloud Concinnity® to make it easy to get all those whose participation is needed on the same page about key filing dates for regulatory compliance and enterprise risk management. Work that can be automated is made easier. Rather than spending hundreds of hours manually producing and managing tasks, our software transforms checklists and spreadsheets into automated workflows. You can reliably simplify the monumental task of coordinating and obtaining everything you need from everyone in the company on schedule. This will free up swaths of time and mental energy so you can focus on substance, rather than rushing to meet due dates every year.

  4. Proactive Prevention. GCs have historically been the “defenders in chief,” and that role will of course continue to be as important as it has ever been. But in today’s legal climate, getting out in front of risk is the way to win. Because Cloud Concinnity® is designed for high level conversations, it is a powerful tool to create the tone at the top, which will drive the prioritization of compliance throughout. Setting the bar for ethical and legal compliance, and initiating important risk conversations that are months or years ahead of others in your marketplace is much easier when there is a tool that exists for just such conversations. The habit of high level conversations means more team agreement and better proactive communication around identifying and neutralizing risks.

  5. A Place for Culture. Considerations about having a healthy corporate culture have never been more critical — even when they are not popular. And for better or worse, it often falls to GCs to bring up thorny topics. Conversations about issues like sustainability, #MeToo, trade policy and diversity have always been important, but in today’s climate, senior leaders ignore or minimize them at their peril. Again, creating a place where those conversations can be ongoing rather than periodic, and can make room for all voices over a period of time means that those conversations can evolve and make room for the research and interactions they truly need. Corporate culture, the company’s reputation, and things that may be “legal” but not advisable in light of stakeholder interests all find a home here as well.

As GCs and legal teams become more visible and influential with the business leadership, we are proud to provide a technology that powers real change. If your senior leadership team is ready to step into discovery preparedness, simplified oversight, proactive prevention and better conversations about culture, we’d love to hear from you.

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